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HYSKY Society Unveils Premier Sponsorship Packages for FLYING HY 2024 Aviation Event

flying hy flyer for aviation event in las vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV, May 31, 2024 – The HYSKY Society, a trailblazing nonprofit organization dedicated to pioneering hydrogen aviation, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated sponsorship packages for FLYING HY 2024. This landmark event, scheduled for September 3-5, 2024, at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, promises to be the epicenter of innovation and collaboration for the hydrogen and aviation industries.

About FLYING HY Aviation Event

As the world's largest hydrogen aviation conference, FLYING HY brings together industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders from across the globe to drive the future of sustainable aviation. This event is a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies, network with key industry players, and participate in high-impact discussions that will shape the future of hydrogen-powered flight.

Building on the momentum from HYSKY Society’s recent strategic collaboration with the Commercial UAV Expo, FLYING HY 2024 will co-locate with this leading global commercial drone trade show. This partnership enhances the collaborative opportunities for professionals in the commercial drone and hydrogen aviation sectors, advancing the future of hydrogen-based flight.

Sponsorship Opportunities

HYSKY Society’s sponsorship packages for FLYING HY 2024 offer unmatched opportunities for companies to enhance their brand visibility, establish industry leadership, and support the advancement of clean hydrogen aviation. Sponsors will benefit from extensive PR and marketing exposure, positioning their brands at the forefront of innovation and sustainability in aviation.

Why Sponsor FLYING HY 2024?

Sponsoring FLYING HY 2024 positions your company as a key player in the hydrogen aviation revolution. With thousands of attendees, including top decision-makers, engineers, researchers, and industry enthusiasts, your brand will gain unparalleled exposure and credibility. HYSKY Society has a proven track record of educating and engaging the aviation community, with over 6,000 newsletter subscribers, partnerships with 25 airports, and a reach of 10,000 people through podcasts, conferences, and courses.

“Co-locating the FLYING HY Conference 2024 with Commercial UAV Expo is a significant milestone for HYSKY. Sharing our passion for hydrogen aviation with nearly 4,000 attendees is a remarkable opportunity to spread the word about this innovative technology,” said Danielle McLean, Founder & CEO of HYSKY Society. “We are grateful for the support from the Commercial UAV Expo, which is crucial in advancing hydrogen aviation and achieving clean skies.”

About HYSKY Society

HYSKY Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to decarbonizing aviation through the promotion of clean hydrogen. Our mission is to advance hydrogen aviation across North America, ensuring that aviation benefits both people and the planet. With a strong foundation in educational initiatives, strategic partnerships, and impactful events, HYSKY Society is leading the charge towards a sustainable aviation future.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities and to download the full sponsorship brochure, please visit our website at or contact us at


Danielle McLean

CEO and Founder, HYSKY Society

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