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Fueling sustainable skies.

In the quest to decarbonize aviation, hydrogen emerges as the solution. However, the cost barrier has hindered its widespread adoption. That's where HYSKY Society comes in. Our mission is to propel hydrogen aviation forward and bring affordability to today's pioneers.

At HYSKY Society, we unite passionate visionaries and industry experts to revolutionize the way we fly. Through cutting-edge advancements, collaborative partnerships, and relentless determination, we are paving the way for a cleaner, greener future in aviation.

Join us as we soar to new heights, driving the transition to sustainable skies. Together, we can make the seemingly impossible a reality. Discover the limitless potential of hydrogen aviation with HYSKY Society today!

$2.5 Trillion per year

Hydrogen could be a source of 20% of the world's energy, with a potential market size of 2.5 trillion dollars per year.

This presents a huge opportunity for the aviation industry to tap into.

The Hype and Realities of the Global Hydrogen Industry (
hydrogen evtol AI chatgpt
Why we exist

10% of transportation emissions come from aviation and are expected to triple by 2050. Hydrogen is aviation's only solution to decarbonize. 

Learn more at a free webinar.

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The world's largest hydrogen aviation event

hydrogen evtol AI chatgpt hysky zeroavia


HYSKY helps make hydrogen fuel widely available for aircraft. Work with us to establish and develop the necessary infrastructure for a sustainable aviation industry.

hydrogen evtol AI chatgpt hysky zeroavia


HYSKY works to lower the cost of developing hydrogen fuel technology for aircraft. We partner with manufacturers and developers to provide financial incentives for retrofitting existing aircraft or building new ones.

hydrogen evtol AI chatgpt hysky zeroavia


HYSKY works with government agencies and industry organizations to develop safety standards, regulations, and provide training and education for industry professionals.

hydrogen evtol AI chatgpt hysky zeroavia

Make a Donation

HYSKY addresses all the challenges by providing a clear road map and education on hydrogen infrastructure, R&D advancements and Safety concerns related to hydrogen in the aviation industry.

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