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The Commercial UAV EXPO 2023! HYSKY is Vegas Bound! Join Us!

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

HYSKY Society is proud to partner with and promote the COMMERCIAL UAV EXPO in Las Vegas Nevada September 5-7th, 2023. This is going to be an exceptional aviation event, the best of the best in aviation, and our team would not miss it for the world. As you know, hydrogen aviation is gunning for the droning industry. We are so hungry for our technologies to combine and flourish that we want to be inside every aircraft in this space. In fact, we believe we are the ideal solution for long range UAV flight capabilities in the future. We are super excited to be attending the UAV Expo live in-person, and want to encourage everyone to come out to meet us there!

Droning, is what we affectionately call aviation that is uncrewed, meaning we can fly on incredible adventures, influencing the wellbeing of humanity and the planet without ever leaving the ground. Uncrewed aviation use cases are unlimited. These aircraft are able to reach into places that crewed craft will never safely go. UAV pilots are trained and certified under the FAA part 107, and acquire a full understanding of the safety and regulatory framework established by the FAA. UAV is an amazing community of aviation experts and aficionados that we are writing into the hydrogen aviation story. We see so much opportunity for growth alongside this industry that we cannot wait to bring our HYSKY energy and enthusiasm to Las Vegas September 5-7th.

The UAV Expo 2023 Don’t miss it!

Then BOOM! We’ll meet again in October! Let’s get fired up in Vegas because next it’s Grand Forks, North Dakota for HYSKY’s hydrogen aviation event FLYING HY! October 9th-11th, 2023.

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