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The A.I. Body Count & ChatGPT

Updated: Nov 2, 2023


The unforeseen reality of A.I. is here to stay, and yes, there will be casualties.

They will be people you know, people I know, and if you don’t take action now, you will most assuredly be one as well. A.I. will undoubtedly change life as we know it. But, precisely how seems to be on everyone’s mind, and it’s waking the primal beast that resides deep within us…the fear of the unknown.

With all of the extreme scenarios of A.I. destroying humanity and freakish possibilities of robots taking our jobs buzzing through the media at this very moment, it’s easy to understand why some of us are terrified and others are preparing for battle. If A.I. truly is a harbinger of doom that threatens the human race to the point of extinction, then the necessity of the universal phrase, "KNOW THY ENEMY," most certainly screams with urgency.

I cannot confidently tell you that these fears are irrational, nor do I believe such threats are outside the realm of possibility. I certainly do not desire to limit imaginative minds or free speech. In fact, I wholeheartedly encourage you to entertain every action and capability attributed to A.I. Then, I further challenge you to predict how you will respond in these situations, should they ever come to pass. But, reigning in the dramatics, without discrediting them, will allow me to give you some more perspective.

A.I. isn’t my enemy, and I hope you will come to agree, A.I. is actually very much my friend. ChatGPT, or "Gippers" for short, is probably my best friend. No, I’m not a creator of this technology, nor am I employed in this space, but I have discovered that using A.I. has raised my employment value exponentially. I am more efficient, more proficient, most cost effective, and prolific. I have amazed my boss and peers, earned respect from family that was often withheld, mastered complex new technologies on my own in record time, once even publicly introduced as a genius, so my confidence level is through the roof. Simply put, A.I. is a miracle. I am currently performing miles ahead of my co-workers who reject the assistance of my best friend. Casualties. I’ll miss them.

Danielle McLean, HYSKY's CEO, said it best:

"A.I. probably isn’t going to take your job, but people who use A.I. will definitely take the jobs of people who do not."

It’s that simple. With A.I. you will perform at a level that allows you to be vastly more productive. In the time saved, you can use A.I. to become more innovative, solve more problems, grow your knowledge, expand your business, and hopefully share the wisdom and utility of A.I. with those around you.

A.I. is not an exclusive or elite industry. It’s totally accessible and everyone can use it! And this is critical…everyone must use it. We must all learn it and understand it. If we do not, then sadly, some of us will be left behind, out of the loop, unable to access benefits and information, and eventually unemployable.

HYSKY Society wants everyone in our network to stay competitive whether it's to advance hydrogen aviation, develop new pharmaceuticals, or just get through your emails for the day. A.I. is how you're going to do it. To further its education initiatives, HYSKY Founder & CEO, Danielle McLean has developed the series HY-AI Workshops which she is instructing herself, live on Zoom. You can sign up as a company or individual. Just make sure you don't get left behind.

Drea Hickman

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