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HYSKY Pod #4: Hydrogen, Dr. Martine Rothblatt of Unither, Piasecki, Destinus, MACA, & Porsche

Dallas, TX, June 6, 2023 — HYSKY Society, the non-profit organization dedicated to advancing hydrogen aviation, presents another successful episode of HYSKY Pod. In this episode, the HYSKY team celebrates World Environment Day, Piasecki Aircraft Corporation, United Therapeutics, Destinus, Porsche, and MACA Flight.

The June episode opens with a commemoration of World Environment Day 2023 and its theme to #BeatPlasticPollution. This global initiative carries significant relevance for the aviation industry, particularly in the context of how plastics can be used to make fuel for hydrogen aviation​​.

The conversation then turns to Piasecki Aircraft Corporation’s (PiAC) recent acquisition of Lockheed Martin’s Sikorsky Heliplex facility in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. The company’s plan is to build an R&D hub for VTOL, uncrewed aerial systems, and their PA-890 hydrogen-powered helicopter. This aircraft could provide hydrogen aviation solutions for Advanced Air Mobility and medical transport applications. The presence of Dr. Martine Rothblatt at the acquisition ceremony was revelatory. Dr. Rothblatt is founder of the public benefit corporation United Therapeutics (UTHR) and has been sourcing new eVTOL aircraft to sustainably transport organs. PiAC has plans to fly a technology demonstrator of this slowed-rotor winged helicopter by fall of 2023.

Next, HYSKY Society highlighted Destinus, a European aviation company making hydrogen-powered supersonic aircraft. The company recently conducted multiple subscale test flights using hydrogen afterburners. The company is targeting supersonic flights first, and eventually will fly hypersonic at speeds to exceed Mach 5. Destinus plans to fly a larger technology demonstrator at supersonic speeds in 2024​.

Finally, HYSKY Society discussed MACA Flight’s strategic partnerships with Red Bull and Segula. This groundbreaking achievement showcases the thrilling convergence of eVTOLs, hydrogen, and motorsports. Rishav Shrestha, Head of Operations at HYSKY Society, said the memorable quote, “Red Bull gave MACA Wings,” encapsulating the innovative spirit behind hydrogen aviation.

The hydrogen aviation story has just begun, and FLYING HY is the place to be for the ultimate hydrogen aviation experience. FLYING HY, co-located with the highly anticipated UAS Summit & Expo, is the largest hydrogen aviation event in the U.S. This must-attend event is taking place on October 10-11, 2023 at the prestigious Alerus Center in Grand Forks, North Dakota. FLYING HY brings together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from the hydrogen and aviation industries. FLYING HY offers a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the forefront of hydrogen aviation, participate in engaging sessions, and network with like-minded professionals.

To participate as our guest, please contact Drea Hickman

About HYSKY Society

HYSKY Society™ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization launched in January 2023. The women-led society is advancing hydrogen aviation by providing a platform for new technologies, an education curriculum, and hydrogen aviation events that cultivate the aviation workforce of the Hydrogen Age.


Drea Hickman

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Jun 06, 2023

Hello, Is SKAI of MA ever going to get off their behinds and build their hydrogen powered VTOL?


Danielle McLean
Danielle McLean
Jun 06, 2023
Replying to

We've been trying to reach them, unsuccessfully. Perhaps that means they're busy building...

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