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HYSKY Society Launches Hydrogen Aviation Podcast "HYSKY Pod"

HYSKY Society, a leading organization in hydrogen aviation, has announced the launch of its new podcast, "HYSKY Pod" now available on YouTube and The podcast aims to explore the latest advancements, opportunities, and innovations in hydrogen aviation.

The debut episode of "HYSKY Pod" features Dabin Kim, Drea Hickman, and Rishav Shrestha, members of the HYSKY team who discussed the significance of different hydrogen colors and the exciting new technologies in the field. The team also shared their stories on how they met and what led them to become passionate about hydrogen aviation.

"As an organization, we are committed to advancing the conversation around hydrogen aviation and exploring the possibilities it brings to the world," said Danielle McLean, Founder and CEO of HYSKY Society. "We are excited to launch 'HYSKY Pod' as a way to share our passion and knowledge with the world."

"HYSKY Pod" is the latest addition to HYSKY Society's efforts to drive the growth of hydrogen aviation. The podcast will feature conversations with industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts, providing listeners with insights into the latest advancements and opportunities in the field.

To listen to "HYSKY Pod," please visit the HYSKY Society YouTube channel or


Name: Drea Hickman


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