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A Deep Dive Into the Mind of HYSKY Society

HYSKY Society

Since hydrogen is a relatively new player in the well established aviation industry, naturally, it has had to overcome growing pains, but despite challenging some significant giants, it is definitely here to stay. Hydrogen has quickly proven to be a game changer for aviation, and now that the world is watching, it is about to move some mountains.

The Hydrogen Age has begun, and the resulting paradigm shift is creating limitless opportunities. Start-ups are appearing everywhere and technology is experiencing exponential growth across the board. The landscape that results from such an innovation boom can be crowded and confusing, some ideas get overlooked, some teams lack funding, and resources to capitalize on new technologies are often hard to access. Many start-ups fail and the world loses the opportunity to benefit from them. Some struggle desperately to find support, gain recognition, and become relevant. Established companies have an edge, but hydrogen-use is new to the entire aviation industry, which serves to even the playing field, but ultimately everyone is in uncharted territory here.

Innovation is the winner in this scene, because the race toward zero emissions is on. This is evident in the hydrogen aviation sector specifically, where we are seeing a wide variety of aircraft and airport design configurations, while simultaneously, a multitude of promising hydrogen extraction methods are developing, and further, exploring the myriad of potential use cases, the logistical possibilities of hydrogen supply, and little to no standardization of industry practices, one thing becomes very clear…this could still be anyone’s game.

Enter HYSKY Society.

Nonprofits are effective because they exist to solve the problems of a specific community and they are dedicated to identifying and serving those needs exclusively. Non-profit founders, leadership, and volunteers are passionate about serving their community. They stay relevant by being involved and developing industry expertise. They are proactive and solutions focused, and are exceptionally well informed, which makes them essential to the community they serve. They prioritize education and advocacy, connecting and often creating resources for their community and its members to achieve a stated result.

HYSKY Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization on a mission to advance hydrogen aviation across the U.S. It was created in response to an urgent need, to end the climate crisis, and it exists to serve the hydrogen aviation community, by any means necessary, until it achieves its ultimate purpose…decarbonization. By connecting companies, resources, technology, information, and talent, HYSKY’s network is always expanding, not as a competitor in the industry, but rather as a dedicated advocate, invested in its long term success. HYSKY wins when aircraft emissions are no longer a threat to humanity and the planet. Hydrogen is the catalyst that will make this happen, it is the Messiah Fuel, here to save the world.

HYSKY Society is effectively advancing hydrogen aviation by researching and promoting the newest technologies, participating in the creation and adoption of industry standards, engaging with policy makers and understanding new legislation, communicating with leadership and project teams to identify resource and funding needs, using community assets and volunteers to educate the public and inspire a diverse new workforce, facilitating the evolution of Hydrogen Age culture, and collaborating with experts and educators to develop a progressive multi-level curriculum that future generations will build upon to continue discovery and innovation in hydrogen aviation.

HYSKY Society is a volunteer-led organization. Donors, sponsors, and membership support HYSKY’s efforts to advance hydrogen aviation across the US by helping with the expenses related to accomplishing this purpose, such as web and media costs, travel expenses, events and promotional activities, public outreach and education, print and video production costs, research, discovery, and historical record, data and fact checking. The vast majority of entities that HYSKY interacts with are not those with hydrogen or aviation interests. What HYSKY aims to accomplish will have a much greater impact than these sectors alone. The influence our partners have, combined with our shared global vision for clean air, reaches all parts of the globe. Communication, automotive, energy, environmental, education, healthcare, emergency management, even animal welfare and wildlife interests are all being served by HYSKY’s commitment to creating a better world through the advancement of hydrogen aviation. There is a place for everyone in this mission. We are bringing in the Hydrogen Age and the reality of clean air for all by showing the path forward to ending emissions. Aviation is just the beginning.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit in the aerospace sector, HYSKY Society is in the perfect position to use its voice to advocate for aviation reforms that benefit everyone. HYSKY recognizes the need to inspire the future workforce and uses its influence to guide aviation culture to align with the values of an intentionally inclusive industry. We all breathe air, so the advancement of hydrogen as a fuel source to power a decarbonized world is for everyone. The fact we all have skin in this game cannot be ignored considering the sudden rise of an overwhelming interest in all things hydrogen. The race is on in every sector and this abundant little molecule is in it to win it.

Companies like Constellation Energy, with its massive Nine Mile Point nuclear hydrogen production facility in New York, and Kaizen Clean Energy, a Texas start-up developing portable hydrogen micro grids., are proving that there are countless ways to produce, store, and transport hydrogen. Perhaps aviation is the ideal customer for companies just like them. This June, HYSKY Society will bring together all of hydrogen aviation and potential suppliers at the world’s largest hydrogen aviation event, FLYING HY. This is a tremendous opportunity for hydrogen companies looking to start or grow their aviation business. It’s also a time for hydrogen aviation companies to find hydrogen technology suppliers. Companies on the rise combined with the legends from multiple industries will be on hand to present their latest advancements and discoveries. Somewhere among them, connections will be made, projects will be inspired, and partnerships will develop. For anyone still seeking answers or trying to discover where they fit into this revolution, it's time to level up and get to FLYING HY, the hydrogen aviation event of the century. And for those who are leading the field, we salute you and eagerly celebrate your victories. The FLYING HY stage is yours.

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