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Sergio Cecutta (SMG Consulting) Reveals the Potential for Hydrogen Aviation in Regional Air Mobility

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Dallas, TX, USA – In this month’s HYSKY Monthly webinar, prominent industry expert Sergio Cecutta shared his insights on hydrogen aviation's potential to revitalize the Regional Air Mobility market. A partner and co-founder of the reputable aerospace, defense, and autotech consulting firm, SMG Consulting, Cecutta enlightened the attendees on the role hydrogen aviation could play in reshaping the Regional Air Mobility industry.

The regional air market has been facing significant setbacks largely due to airlines eliminating flight services in aircraft designed for less than 70 passengers. But, this market still exists and could thrive if these regional flights were available. Cecutta highlighted the gap where these flights were removed has not been filled, there remains a wide open, hungry market, for regional, as well as cargo aviation, with no competition.

Cecutta’s presentation revealed that this is an opportunity for hydrogen aviation to take the lead in a niche market. With regional airports eager for business and many desperate for action, hydrogen aviation can be the catalyst for the regional air industry’s revival. The world is watching the celebrity fever around trailblazing companies like Universal Hydrogen and ZeroAvia, who are demonstrating that hydrogen aviation is not a future fantasy, it’s reality, right now. The inspiration resulting from these first successful hydrogen flights has an inertia all can see, as the aviation and hydrogen industries have begun to collaborate, and legislative initiatives continue to clear the way, it’s looking pretty clear that hydrogen aviation is here to stay.

A robust hydrogen economy requires the presence of a significant offtake market with access to a sufficient and consistent hydrogen production market. Supply and demand. Hydrogen and aviation. These emerging innovative technologies are a perfect fit. Regional aviation is ripe to become the ideal customer for the soon to be announced national hydrogen hubs. Hub to hub flights present a golden opportunity for hydrogen aviation.

Cecutta's presentation, a part of HYSKY's initiative to share critical insights about the aviation industry's future, was warmly received by the audience. The vibrant Q&A session that followed demonstrated that participants have a strong interest in the potential of regional hydrogen aviation.

HYSKY Monthly is a platform that explores the realm of possibilities in the hydrogen aviation sector. With this series of insightful presentations by industry experts, HYSKY Society aims to prove the necessity of the hydrogen revolution as a response to the urgency for decarbonization and to inspire the universal demand for sustainable aviation.

For those who missed this enlightening presentation, a recording is available on the HYSKY website. Discussion and commentary continues on members area. All are welcome to contribute.

Press Contact: Drea Hickman

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