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Piasecki Aircraft of Dr. Martine Rothblatt's Portfolio Wins $37M USAF Award for Hydrogen eVTOL

Updated: Feb 14

by Rishav Shrestha, COO of HYSKY Society

Piasecki Aircraft's USAF Achievement

In a significant stride forward for aviation technology, Piasecki Aircraft Corporation, a key player in Dr. Martine Rothblatt's diverse portfolio of innovative companies, has recently been awarded a groundbreaking $37 million contract by the United States Air Force (USAF).

This substantial investment is earmarked for the development of next-generation Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) capabilities and pioneering hydrogen propulsion technology. Piasecki, known for its forward-thinking approach in aviation, aligns perfectly with Dr. Rothblatt's vision of pushing technological boundaries.

John Piasecki, CEO of Piasecki Aircraft, is the next guest on HYSKY Pod, HYSKY Society's podcast, where he will be interviewed by HYSKY CEO, Danielle McLean. Coincidentally, Dr. Martine Rothblatt was the previous guest on HYSKY Pod. The stars appear to be aligning for hydrogen aviation.

ARES is designed to be able to incorporate quickly reconfigurable “Mission Payload Modules,” offering the flexibility to fly different missions and reducing logistics footprint and cost. Piasecki Image
ARES - Piasecki Image

This award signifies a major leap in aviation technology and underscores the vital role of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source. The integration of hydrogen propulsion systems into VTOL technology paves the way for a new era in aviation – one that promises reduced environmental impact and enhanced efficiency. With this development, Piasecki Aircraft stands at the forefront of a revolution in the skies, underlining the company's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

John Piasecki Martine Rothblatt USAF ARES AFRL
John Piasecki as Keynote Speaker at FLYING HY 2023 in Grand Forks, ND

The ARES Project: Redefining VTOL Capabilities

The Aerial Reconfigurable Embedded System (ARES) project, a brainchild of Piasecki Aircraft, is revolutionizing the landscape of VTOL technology. ARES represents a significant advancement in unmanned aerial systems, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency in aerial operations. This tilt-duct VTOL system is not just a marvel of engineering; it is a testament to Piasecki's commitment to redefining the boundaries of aviation technology.

As listeners eagerly await the upcoming HYSKY Pod featuring John Piasecki, the ARES project stands as a prime topic for discussion. Its ability to incorporate quickly reconfigurable "Mission Payload Modules" demonstrates a leap in logistical efficiency and mission versatility, crucial in both military and civilian applications. The project aligns seamlessly with the innovative ethos of Dr. Martine Rothblatt's companies, showcasing a fusion of high-end technology and practical application.

Hydrogen Propulsion: Revolutionizing Aviation

The advent of hydrogen propulsion technology marks a transformative epoch in the world of aviation, steering it towards a greener and more sustainable future. This innovative propulsion system, central to Piasecki Aircraft's latest endeavor under the USAF contract, is set to redefine the principles of flight dynamics and environmental responsibility. The hydrogen fuel cell technology not only offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels but also heralds a new era of efficiency and performance in aircraft design.

Spotlight on the PA-890 Compound Helicopter

The PA-890 compound helicopter, a visionary project under Piasecki Aircraft's expansive wing, stands as a remarkable innovation in the field of hydrogen-powered aviation. This zero-emission compound helicopter is not just a leap forward in environmentally conscious flight but also a manifestation of Piasecki's commitment to pioneering sustainable aviation solutions.

Dr. Martine Rothblatt: A Trailblazer in Diverse Fields

Dr. Martine Rothblatt, renowned for her visionary contributions across multiple industries, is a pivotal figure behind Piasecki Aircraft's innovative pursuits. Her investment in Piasecki resonates with her long-standing commitment to transcending traditional boundaries, whether it be in biotechnology, satellite communications, or aviation. As an extraordinary entrepreneur and thought leader, Dr. Rothblatt’s influence extends well beyond the realm of conventional business practices, into areas that redefine the future of technology and human potential.

Cutting the ribbon at the Coatesville plant. From left: Mike Stanberry, Mike Hirschberg, Rick Siger, Arthur Kania, Fred Piasecki, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, Dr. Martine Rothblatt, John Piasecki, Greg Piasecki, Val Miftakhov, Michael Tremlett, Bill Moeller. Piasecki Photo
Ribbon Ceremony. From left: Mike Stanberry, Mike Hirschberg, Rick Siger, Arthur Kania, Fred Piasecki, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, Dr. Martine Rothblatt, John Piasecki, Greg Piasecki, Val Miftakhov, Michael Tremlett, Bill Moeller - Piasecki photo

With Dr. Rothblatt's recent feature on HYSKY Pod and the upcoming episode with John Piasecki, listeners have a unique opportunity to connect the dots between her groundbreaking work and Piasecki's advancements. This intersection of biotechnology and aviation, particularly in the realm of hydrogen propulsion, underscores Dr. Rothblatt's unique ability to foster synergies across diverse technological domains.

ZeroAvia's HTPEM Technology and Its Impact

ZeroAvia's groundbreaking High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (HTPEM) technology is set to play a crucial role in revolutionizing VTOL technology. This innovative hydrogen fuel cell system, characterized by its high efficiency and low environmental impact, aligns perfectly with Piasecki's commitment to sustainable aviation solutions. The collaboration between Piasecki and ZeroAvia, supported by the insights and investments of Dr. Martine Rothblatt, is a significant step towards realizing the full potential of hydrogen propulsion in aviation.

The Combined Impact of Piasecki and Rothblatt

The collaborative efforts of John Piasecki and Dr. Martine Rothblatt are forging a new path in aviation, marked by innovation and sustainability. Through the development of hydrogen-powered VTOL technology, they are setting the stage for an environmentally conscious future in air travel. The upcoming HYSKY Pod episode featuring John Piasecki is a platform for discussing these advancements and a testament to the synergy between cutting-edge technology and visionary leadership. As we look forward to this episode, it's clear that the combined efforts of Piasecki and Rothblatt are driving significant change, shaping a future where aviation is both sustainable and advanced.

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