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NEX Aero's CTO Johannes Garbino-Anton Discusses Hydrogen-Powered Air Taxis at HYSKY Monthly Webinar

Berlin-based aerospace start-up NEX Aero's Chief Technology Officer, Johannes Garbino-Anton, recently spoke at the HYSKY Monthly webinar, where he discussed the company's vision of hydrogen-powered air taxis. During the event, Garbino-Anton spoke about NEX Aero's mission to create the first hydrogen fuel cell optimized air taxi, which is designed to help decarbonize the aviation industry and reduce travel times.

"I think hydrogen aviation will play a huge role going forward in the future, and we are trying to contribute to that," said Garbino-Anton.

The webinar, which was hosted by HYSKY Society, discussed NEX Aero's successful seed financing round of nearly €3.5M, as well as recent advancements in biological hydrogen production and hydrogen goop technology. Garbino-Anton's presentation highlighted the importance of designing the vehicle around the powertrain to optimize performance and reduce emissions.

"We very quickly saw that the optimization really has to be on both ends, so designing the vehicle around the powertrain, and vice versa, and only then you can get kind of the gains and the optimum from both worlds," he explained.

The event was recorded and can be viewed on the HYSKY Society website, HYSKY Monthly is a recurring event that takes place on the third Monday of each month, providing a platform for professionals to discuss the latest advancements in hydrogen technology.

"We enjoyed seeing the video of the flying prototype and we think that NEX Aero is a company to watch in both the eVTOL and hydrogen aviation sectors. We’re thrilled to have had Johannes Garbino-Anton join us for this month's webinar," said Danielle McLean, CEO of HYSKY Society. "His insights on hydrogen-powered air taxis and NEX Aero's mission to decarbonize the aviation industry were truly inspiring. We invite everyone to watch the recording of the webinar on our website."

NEX Aero has already flown a 25% scaled prototype and is currently preparing to showcase their flying prototype and mockup at the upcoming Air Force event in Southern Germany, demonstrating their commitment to revolutionizing the aviation industry with hydrogen technology.

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