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HYSKY Society Welcomes Dabin Kim, Expert in Hydrogen Aviation, to the Team

Dallas, TX, USA - HYSKY Society, a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on advancing hydrogen aviation, is pleased to announce the addition of Dabin Kim to their team. Dabin is a twenty-six-year-old expert in hydrogen aviation, and a graduate of Seoul National University with a dual bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and English Language and Literature.

Dabin's passion for design solutions that can benefit and advance the Global South led him to participate in a design competition for hydrogen applications held by Enapter, a hydrogen fuel cell company, in 2021. His thorough research on the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry convinced him that hydrogen fuel cell usage was necessary for the long-term sustainability of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Dabin won second place in the Enapter Hydrogen Challenge with his hydrogen fuel cell eVTOL design proposal, which confirmed his belief in hydrogen's potential for aviation.

Dabin's passion for hydrogen aviation led him to HYSKY Society’s website, where he discovered his hydrogen eVTOL design in a press release. This serendipitous discovery led Dabin to join the HYSKY team, where he is ready to motivate the aviation industry toward a cleaner and more efficient hydrogen future.

The CEO of HYSKY Society, Danielle McLean, discovered Dabin's hydrogen eVTOL CAD work on GrabCad and attempted to contact him without success. She decided to use an image of Dabin's work on the company's website in hopes that Dabin would see it and reach out. Danielle's persistence paid off, and the two became instant friends. She describes Dabin as “a diamond in the rough with the potential to become a top player in hydrogen aviation.” The entire team at HYSKY Society shares Danielle's excitement about Dabin joining the team, and his values are a perfect fit for the culture of the organization.

Dabin Kim's expertise and passion for hydrogen aviation will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to the HYSKY Society team. His dedication to finding sustainable solutions for the aviation industry is admirable, and HYSKY Society is honored to have him on board.

HYSKY Society’s team is entirely remote with global leadership. Rishav Shrestha in Kathmandu, Nepal; Drea Hickman in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Danielle McLean in Dallas, Texas; and now Dabin Kim in Seoul, Korea. For more information about HYSKY Society and its mission to advance hydrogen aviation, please visit or contact Drea Hickman at


Drea Hickman

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