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HYSKY Newsletter November 7, 2023

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

by Danielle McLean, HYSKY Society CEO

As the leaves turn and we embrace the change of seasons, our commitment to advancing clean hydrogen as a cornerstone for a sustainable future remains steadfast and more vibrant than ever. This past month has been filled with significant milestones, collaborative efforts, and educational advancements that continue to position HYSKY Society at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution. We are excited to share these updates with you, our valued community, who are equally passionate about making a difference in the world.

Spotlight Event: FLYING HY Takes Off

October's Highlight - The World's Largest Hydrogen Aviation Event

On October 10, HYSKY Society soared to new heights with the FLYING HY event. Industry leaders like Dr. Josef Kallo of H2FLY, Santh Sathya of LuftCar LLC, Mark Haberbusch of NeoEx, Bill Spellane of Alaka'i, John Piasecki of Piasecki Aircraft Corp, Fiona Mckay of Zero Avia, Pradeep Thangappan of Aerostrovilos, Mike Hirschberg of Vertical Flight Society, and many others gathered to share groundbreaking developments in hydrogen-powered aviation.

HYFA: Uniting for a Hydrogen-Powered Future

New Alliance Brings Clean Hydrogen to the Forefront

At the end of FLYING HY, we held a private invite-only meeting to discuss the Department of Energy's Demand-Side Initiative. We're proud to announce the formation of the Hydrogen for All Alliance (HYFA), a collaborative effort aiming to ensure equitable access to clean hydrogen across communities, came out of that meeting. Backed by strategic partners like Universal Solutions International, Inc., Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, and Moreton and Co. and potential federal support, HYFA is set to make a tangible impact on environmental justice and the clean hydrogen market.

Exciting Announcement: H2Hub Summit Webinar

A Groundbreaking Gathering of National Hydrogen Leaders

We are delighted to announce the upcoming H2Hub Summit: Meet the Winners, an exclusive webinar scheduled for March 20, 2024. In a historic convergence, all seven of the DOE-endorsed Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs will come together, offering an unprecedented opportunity to hear directly from the vanguards of America's hydrogen infrastructure. Each hub will share their insights, followed by a live Q&A session, giving you the chance to engage with the leading figures shaping our hydrogen economy. Tickets are just $30 and are on sale now.

EATC Groundbreaking Ceremony - A Step Toward the Future

Community Engagement in Oklahoma

HYSKY Society participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of the Choctaw Nation's Emerging Aviation Technology Center. We engaged in meaningful discussions with Choctaw representatives about hydrogen's potential, securing a letter of interest for the HYFA grant proposal.

James Grimsley

HYSKY CEO, Danielle McLean, with Mike Gaffney at Choctaw Nation

Educational Leap: Launch of the First Hydrogen Aviation Course

Empowering Minds to Propel Clean Aviation

Marking a significant educational milestone, HYSKY Society launched the world's first hydrogen aviation course. Aimed at instilling a high-level understanding of hydrogen's role in decarbonizing aviation, this course is the first of many steps towards enlightening industry professionals and enthusiasts about the potential of hydrogen energy. The course is taught by NASA retiree and Moran Innovation founder, Matt Moran, and HYSKY CEO, Danielle McLean.

HYSKY Monthly: Mark Kirby, former Executive Director of CFHCA

Challenges and Potential of Green Hydrogen

In this episode of HYSKY Monthly, Mark Kirby, former Executive Director of CFHCA, delves into the challenges and opportunities of the hydrogen industry. The discussion revolves around the cost competitiveness of green hydrogen, particularly in comparison to traditional fossil fuels, with a focus on aviation and trucking.

Mark highlights the importance of factors like low carbon fuel standards and tax credits in bridging the gap. Additionally, the episode explores the transportation and storage of liquid hydrogen, offering insights into its role in the industry's future. Overall, this informative conversation provides valuable insights into the current state and potential of the hydrogen sector in advancing clean energy solutions.

Danielle McLean and Mark Kirby presenting at HYSKY Monthly October 16, 2023

Looking Forward

Continuing the Journey to a Hydrogen-Fueled Tomorrow

Stay tuned for more updates on our initiatives and upcoming events. Your support and involvement are what drive the success of HYSKY Society's mission. Together, we are not just imagining a sustainable future; we are actively building it.

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