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HYSKY Monthly Hosts Mr. Tom Freund of Blockchain & Energy Partnership Opportunities

Dallas, TX, USA - HYSKY Society, a non-profit advancing hydrogen aviation, is proud to reflect on the success of their latest HYSKY Monthly program which took place on May 15, 2023. The event featured Tom Freund, the founder of, who presented his company's groundbreaking technology and expressed interest in forming new partnerships., Mr. Freund’s innovative venture, specializes in building and licensing blockchain-enabled oversight systems for the energy and transportation markets​. The technology holds promising potential for enhancing transparency and security in these sectors, offering an oversight mechanism that is both robust and cutting-edge.

During the webinar, Mr. Freund shared valuable insights on the intersection of blockchain technology, energy, and transportation sectors. Crucially, he announced that is actively seeking partnerships to further the impact and reach of their work.

"Distinguished speakers like Mr. Freund are what make our HYSKY Monthly series so valuable," says Danielle McLean, CEO and founder of HYSKY Society. "We were thrilled to provide a platform for Mr. Freund to present his pioneering work and extend an invitation for collaboration to our engaged audience."

HYSKY Monthly is part of HYSKY Society's mission to foster an active and informed hydrogen aviation community. The program offers free webinars on the third Monday of each month, featuring thought leaders from across the industry.

In addition to HYSKY Monthly, the non-profit runs several other initiatives aimed at promoting knowledge and interest in hydrogen aviation, including FLYING HY, the world's largest hydrogen aviation event, HYSKY Pod, and HYSKY Education, which provides hydrogen aviation courses for all ages.

For more information about HYSKY Society and its programs, or to explore potential partnerships with speakers like Mr. Freund, please visit

About HYSKY Society:

HYSKY Society™ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization launched in January 2023. The women-led society is advancing hydrogen aviation by providing a platform for new technologies in an education curriculum that will cultivate the aviation workforce of the Hydrogen Age.

Press Contact:

Drea Hickman

Hydrogen Strategist

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