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H2Hub Summit 2024: Unveiling the Future of Hydrogen Energy

Updated: Mar 18

When: March 20th, 2024 – Virtual Event

In an era where the shift towards sustainable energy is not just preferred but essential, HYSKY Society proudly presents the H2Hub Summit: Meet the Winners, a groundbreaking virtual summit set to take place on March 20th, 2024. This event promises to be a cornerstone in the journey towards a hydrogen-powered future, bringing together all seven of the DOE-selected hydrogen hubs. 

Driving Decarbonization Forward

As the world rallies for cleaner, more sustainable energy sources, hydrogen stands out for its immense potential to revolutionize our energy systems. The H2Hub Summit will delve into the heart of hydrogen’s role in achieving a sustainable future, featuring:

  • In-depth Discussions on Clean Hydrogen Hubs: Learn about the seven key regional hubs backed by the US Department of Energy, highlighting hydrogen's pivotal role in sustainable energy development.

  • Spotlight on Decarbonization and Innovation: Engage with leading discussions on cutting-edge hydrogen fuel applications, strategies for carbon emission reduction, and collaborative efforts to drive change on a global scale.

  • Commitment Across Industries: Witness the commitment from giants like Air Liquide, Chevron, and Amazon, showcasing the broad industry consensus on the importance of hydrogen in our energy future.

Exploring Hydrogen’s Multifaceted Potential

The summit’s agenda is meticulously designed to cover the broad spectrum of hydrogen’s applications, from its role in clean transportation and industrial decarbonization to its promise as a flexible energy storage solution and a dynamic player in power generation.

A Platform for Change-Makers

Beyond presentations, the H2Hub Summit serves as a collaborative platform for experts, policymakers, and the community to engage in meaningful dialogue, share knowledge, and collectively drive the hydrogen agenda forward.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

The H2Hub Summit 2024 is more than a conference; it's a milestone in the hydrogen movement. It’s your chance to be part of the conversation that shapes the future of energy, industry, and environmental stewardship. Secure your spot at this transformative event for just $30 and join us in pioneering the hydrogen-powered future.

For more information and to register, visit

About HYSKY Society: HYSKY Society is a leading nonprofit dedicated to advancing hydrogen aviation and promoting sustainable energy solutions. Through initiatives like the H2Hub Summit, we aim to foster innovation, education, and collaboration towards a cleaner, greener future.

Detailed Agenda: H2Hub Summit 2024 (updated 3/18/2024)

9:00 AM - 9:10 AM: Welcome Address by Danielle McLean, CEO of HYSKY Society

9:10 AM - 9:40 AM: Presentation by Mid-Atlantic Hydrogen Hub (MACH)

11:10 AM - 11:20 AM: 10-Minute Break

11:20 AM - 11:50 AM: Presentation by Gulf Coast Hydrogen Hub (HyVelocity H2Hub)

11:50 AM - 12:20 PM: Presentation by California Hydrogen Hub (ARCHES)

12:20 PM - 12:50 PM: Presentation by Pacific Northwest Hydrogen Hub (PNW H2)

  • 12:50 PM - 1:00 PM: Closing Remarks by Danielle McLean, CEO of HYSKY Society

Sponsorship Opportunities at the H2Hub Summit 2024

Silver Level Sponsorship - $250.00

Includes: Branding on the event page and 2 general admission tickets.

Gold Level Sponsorship - $500.00

Includes: Branding on the event page, Branding during the event on the Zoom platform, and 3 general admission tickets.

Platinum Level Sponsorship - $1,000.00

Includes: Press release about your organization, Branding on the event page, Branding during the event on the Zoom platform, and 5 general admission tickets.

Our sponsorship packages are designed to provide valuable exposure and networking opportunities, allowing you to engage with key stakeholders in the hydrogen energy sector. By sponsoring the H2Hub Summit 2024, you'll not only enhance your visibility within the community but also support the advancement of hydrogen as a cornerstone of sustainable energy.

For more information and to register, visit

Q&A: H2Hub Summit 2024

Q1: What makes the H2Hub Summit a must-attend event for those interested in sustainable energy?

The H2Hub Summit is a unique convergence of thought leadership, innovation, and community around the hydrogen energy sector. It's an unparalleled opportunity to engage with the latest developments, strategies, and collaborative initiatives aimed at accelerating the transition to a sustainable, hydrogen-powered future.

Q2: Who will benefit from attending the H2Hub Summit?

Energy professionals, policymakers, environmental advocates, investors, and anyone passionate about renewable energy and sustainability will find the summit incredibly valuable. It offers insights into hydrogen energy's role in decarbonization, clean transportation, and renewable energy solutions, making it relevant across industries.

Q3: Can you tell us more about the key topics to be covered at the summit?

The summit will explore a wide range of topics, including the development and impact of regional clean hydrogen hubs, innovative approaches to decarbonization, the latest in hydrogen fuel cell technology, and the role of cross-industry collaboration in advancing the hydrogen economy.

Q4: How does the H2Hub Summit plan to address the challenges facing hydrogen energy adoption?

Through a series of panels and presentations, the summit will tackle various challenges, including technological barriers, economic feasibility, infrastructure development, and public policy. It aims to foster an environment of problem-solving and innovation-driven discussions.

Q5: What opportunities for networking and collaboration will the H2Hub Summit offer?

The virtual format of the summit includes interactive sessions, breakout rooms, and networking platforms, allowing attendees to connect with industry leaders, innovators, and fellow enthusiasts. It's an excellent opportunity to forge partnerships and join a community dedicated to shaping the future of hydrogen energy.

Q6: How can participants prepare to get the most out of the H2Hub Summit experience?

Participants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the basics of hydrogen energy and its current applications. Preparing questions and topics of interest can also enhance the interactive sessions. Most importantly, attendees should be ready to engage openly and collaboratively.

Q7: Where can interested individuals find more information or register for the H2Hub Summit?

For more details and to secure your registration, visit the HYSKY Society’s H2Hub Summit webpage. Early registration is recommended to ensure access to all the summit has to offer.

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