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H2 Meets AI

AI is the latest disruptive technology capturing our global interest, but hydrogen has been just as disruptive in the energy sector lately, and now the DOE has published its official position in The US National Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap. This document is 97 pages of vital industry insight that we, here at HYSKY, are determined to use to advance hydrogen aviation.

We believe everyone involved in the hydrogen revolution should read this report. BUT, realistically, that's just not going to happen. SO, we decided it's the perfect time for H2 to meet AI. We are offering a workshop to teach you how to use AI to digest massive technical documents, and not only summarize them, but actually communicate and interact with them, as if the authors are present doing a live Q&A.

This AI program is available to everyone, but we've been using it since its inception and have mastered some game-changing techniques that we cannot keep to ourselves any longer because they will benefit everyone in hydrogen and beyond. We will lead you through the setup process in a live Zoom class, ensuring you develop these skills and understand how to apply them to every future project.

What we will teach you has saved us hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and elevated our level of expertise, exponentially. It is our secret sauce that explains how a handful of volunteers can quite confidently explode on the scene and proceed to change the world in less than a year. Do not miss this opportunity. AI creates the magic of light speed efficiency in the Hydrogen Age. Without it, you will be left behind.

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