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Flying Hy On Hydrogen

DALLAS, TX, USA, February 13, 2023 - Hydrogen aviation is taking off, and the HYSKY Society is leading the way in advancing the revolution in the United States. The HYSKY Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting hydrogen aviation and exploring the endless possibilities this technology offers.

"Dreams of clean aviation are turning into reality, and we're flying hy on hydrogen," says Danielle McLean, the founder of HYSKY Society. Meanwhile, Hydrogen Strategist of HYSKY Society, Drea Hickman, says, "We believe that hydrogen aviation has the potential to revolutionize the aviation industry and be a 'messiah fuel' for the planet."

And the HYSKY Society team’s optimism is well-founded. The industry is making significant strides, with recent developments that signal the dawn of a new era. The FAA recently approved California-based Universal Hydrogen to test-fly a Dash-8-300 with one hydrogen-powered engine, a major milestone for the industry. The aircraft is equipped with an electric motor powered by a fuel cell that generates electricity from hydrogen stored in a tank within the fuselage. Universal Hydrogen aims to retrofit ATR72 turboprops with the same system and is developing liquid hydrogen pods to make fuel supply easier for operational aircraft. The move shows that the U.S. is catching up with other countries like Germany in terms of hydrogen aviation.

H3 Dynamics will provide hydrogen power systems to replace conventional fuel and other energy sources at airports in Asia, Europe, and the U.S. Raven SR will provide renewable hydrogen production facilities to supply airports. The use of hydrogen to power various ground operations will help reduce emissions at airports. This collaborative effort is expected to have a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions in the aviation industry.

The HYSKY Society is at the forefront of this industry's exciting progress. The society is organizing the world's largest hydrogen aviation event, FLYING HY, which will take place from June 21-23, 2023 in a virtual metaverse. This event will bring together over 1000 attendees and industry professionals from all over the world to explore the possibilities and the future of hydrogen aviation.

According to a report by IMARC Group, the global hydrogen aircraft market is expected to reach $13.15 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 17.20% during 2022-2027. Hydrogen aircraft are known for their environment-friendly and zero-emission operations, which has led to their extensive use in commercial and cargo transportation applications for short, medium, and long hauls. The expanding aviation sector, increasing environmental consciousness, and technological advancements are among the key factors driving the growth of the global hydrogen aircraft market.

Drea Hickman, HYSKY Society's Hydrogen Strategist, expresses her enthusiasm for the future of hydrogen aviation: "Hydrogen is a versatile fuel that has the potential to power virtually anything. We see hydrogen aviation as a major part of the future of transportation, and we're excited to be a part of it."

With these recent advancements and increasing awareness of the benefits of hydrogen aviation, it's clear that the industry is heading towards a bright future. The HYSKY Society and its supporters are believers in the potential of hydrogen aviation to transform the aviation industry and make the world a cleaner and more sustainable place. Join the movement and help build a cleaner future for all.

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