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HYSKY's FLYING HY at Commercial UAV Expo w Drones in Vegas

flying hy conference hydrogen aviation at commercial uav
hydrogen powered evtol uav drone

At HYSKY Society, we're on a mission to redefine the boundaries of aviation with an eye on sustainability and environmental responsibility. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we're passionately dedicated to championing the cause of hydrogen aviation across North America. By uniting with partners and volunteers, we're ensuring that the future of aviation benefits both people and planet alike.

A Milestone Event: HYSKY Society at the Commercial UAV Expo

This year, we're thrilled to announce our co-location with the world's leading commercial UAV event, the Commercial UAV Expo. This partnership marks a significant step forward in bringing hydrogen aviation education and technology to the forefront of the UAV industry. Our presence includes the groundbreaking FLYING HY Conference and the comprehensive Hydrogen Aviation Course.

The FLYING HY Conference & Hydrogen Aviation Course with Drones, eVTOLs, and Fixed-Wing Aircraft

The FLYING HY Conference stands as the world’s largest in-person event dedicated to hydrogen aviation. Spread over two days, it offers an extensive range of sessions focused on the entire hydrogen aviation ecosystem. From hydrogen production and logistics to fuel cells, engines, and aircraft, we're covering it all.

Prior to this, the Hydrogen Aviation Course offers a deep dive into hydrogen's role in aviation. Scheduled for a full day, this course is designed to cater to everyone from beginners to experts in the field, offering insights into the practical aspects of hydrogen aviation, including safety, business opportunities, and the latest technological advancements.

Who Should Attend?

  • Energy companies interested in aviation

  • Aviation companies looking to be more sustainable

  • Entrepreneurs interested in energy and/or aviation

  • Hydrogen producers

  • Hydrogen transporters 

  • Hydrogen refueling stations

  • Hydrogen tank manufacturers 

  • Fuel cell developers

  • eVTOL companies

  • Drone/UAV companies

Whether you're an energy company exploring aviation, an aviation firm aiming for sustainability, or an entrepreneur at the intersection of energy and aviation, these events are tailored for you. We welcome hydrogen producers, transporters, refueling stations, tank manufacturers, fuel cell developers, eVTOL, and drone/UAV companies to join us. There's something for everyone, from learning the basics of hydrogen sourcing to mastering the art of business with hydrogen.

Why Attend?

Our co-location with the Commercial UAV Expo is a monumental opportunity. As Danielle McLean, CEO & Founder of HYSKY Society, puts it, “Co-locating FLYING HY 2024 with the Commercial UAV Expo isn't just a milestone for us; it's a leap towards cleaner skies for everyone. We're bringing the magic of hydrogen to over 4000 attendees, fostering a shared enthusiasm for sustainable aviation.”

Event Details

Hydrogen Aviation Course: September 3 | 9 AM - 5 PM | $895

FLYING HY Conference: September 4 - 5 | $495

Both events will feature extensive educational sessions, outdoor flying demonstrations, exhibitor showcases, networking opportunities, and much more.

Join Us

Ready to be part of the hydrogen aviation revolution? For more information on FLYING HY Conference or the Hydrogen Aviation Course, contact Angela Thurman at To reserve a booth at the Hydrogen Pavilion, reach out to Kat McDonald at

Join HYSKY Society as we take a significant stride towards healthier skies. Together, we can transform the future of aviation.

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