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Danielle McLean Named as an Influencer in eVTOL Insights 2023 Power Book

Dallas, Texas, USA, Jan. 19, 2023 – The HYSKY Society is proud to announce that its founder and CEO, Danielle McLean, has been named as an influencer in the eVTOL industry in the third annual edition of the eVTOL Insights Power Book.

As an entrepreneur, engineer and hydrogen aviation thought leader, Danielle McLean is the first woman founder and CEO of a hydrogen-powered aviation/aerospace company. Her passion for advancing clean and sustainable transportation solutions has led her to establish HYSKY Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is championing healthier skies by advancing hydrogen aviation across North America.

Danielle's goal is to decarbonize aviation, identify opportunities for overlooked groups and building multicultural teams. She received the Innovation Award by Spirit Aerosystems and founded the company’s Urban Air Mobility Advanced Product Development program. In addition to co-founding/chairing the H2eVTOL Council (now HYSKY Monthly), where she pre-competitively connected more than 300 hydrogen-aviation companies, she was also the Vertical Flight Society’s hydrogen and Workforce Diversity Advisor.

In 2018, she founded HTO where she developed the H2eVTOL called Prism. She founded the DiversiFlite podcast where she spoke with eVTOL stakeholders about diversity. HYSKY Society holds free hydrogen aviation webinars called HYSKY Monthly (formerly the H2eVTOL Council) on the third Monday of every month with over 300 industry, government, and academic participants. It will also host the world’s largest hydrogen aviation event, Flying Hy, in June with more than 1,000 participants and 100 presentations.

The Power Book is a definitive list of the influencers, leaders, and innovators that have helped to shape the eVTOL industry over the last 12 months. This year's edition includes individuals from new eVTOL OEMs entering the industry, to those pushing developments in other key sectors such as landing and charging infrastructure, and public acceptance.

Drea Hickman, HYSKY Society's Community Engagement Director says the organization is thrilled to see Danielle McLean recognized as an influencer in the eVTOL industry. "Her leadership and expertise in hydrogen fuel cell technology and eVTOL aircraft are instrumental in shaping the future of transportation," said Hickman.

For more information about HYSKY Society and the upcoming events, please visit our website

Contact: Drea Hickman

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