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2024 Distinguished Speakers


Vadim Lvovich

H2 Aircraft Lead at NASA

April 15, 2024

54 hysky monthly.jpg

Matt Williams

Investment Strategy Lead of CARB

May 20, 2024

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Bav Roy

COO at Verne H2

June 17, 2024

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Michael Maher

Chairman at TOViridi

Sept 16, 2024



Howard Kass

Founder Howard Kass LLC (Ex-Lilium)

It was fun to test new theories of regulation and get a reaction. Also, has led to some business opportunities. A good experience overall.

Sergio Cecutta


"Thank you for having me. I heard so many people saying how much they enjoyed listening to RAM and H2. And thank you for the kind article written by Drea Hickman of HYSKY."

Tom Freund

Founder & CEO

"This opportunity provided an entry point into the hydrogen propulsion market. I am impressed with the strides hydrogen has made in AAM platforms and will make in maritime platforms as well and see it as a great opportunity."

Geoff Budd

Business Development Representative

"Opens up the aeronautics' market segment pathways for the expansion of business opportunity networks."

Olivier Savin

Founder & CEO

"Speaking at HYSKY Monthly in June 2022 was a great opportunity to discuss the latest advancements made in hydrogen aviation with a panel of renown experts and describe the standardization work which has been taking place to facilitate the introduction of hydrogen solutions in aviation."

Michael Kramer

Founder & CEO

"Good networking."

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