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HYSKY Society Hosts Successful Hydrogen eVTOL and Aviation Intellectual Property Strategies Webinar

Dallas, Texas – On Monday, January 16th, the HYSKY Society hosted a successful webinar on hydrogen aviation with Edward "Ned" Meagher, a Senior Partner at Carter DeLuca & Farrell, LLP. The webinar was part of HYSKY Monthly, a series of free webinars on the 3rd Monday of every month that focus on the latest advancements in hydrogen eVTOL and other hydrogen aviation topics. HYSKY Society is a spinoff of the Vertical Flight Society's H2eVTOL Council, a group that holds webinars on the 3rd Monday of each month. Webinars are now called HYSKY Monthly.

Mr. Meagher has over 27 years of experience in securing intellectual property rights for businesses on a global scale. He has expertise in all phases of U.S. and international patent, trademark, trade secret, and copyright prosecution, and has advised clients in the electro-mechanical/mechanical arts, bioengineering, aerospace, software design, IOT, and control systems. Mr. Meagher also worked on IP for Zero Avia.

During the webinar, Mr. Meagher discussed the importance of provisional patents in the development of hydrogen aviation technology. Provisional patents allow companies to establish an early effective filing date for their invention while they continue to develop and refine it. Mr. Meagher also mentioned that for an additional fee, companies can choose to keep their provisional patent alive for up to 30 months, providing more time for further development and potential improvements.

Mr. Meagher also discussed the Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) program and the International Patent Prosecution Highway (IPPH) program, which can accelerate examination of a patent application if it has already been found to be allowable in another country. He also touched on the difference in patent strategy between the United States and Europe, emphasizing the importance of planning a claim strategy before filing a PCT application.

Mr. Meagher also discussed the various colors of hydrogen, with a focus on the "green" hydrogen, which is derived from electrolysis of water using electricity. He also mentioned the goal of reducing the cost of clean hydrogen technologies by 80% to $1 per kilogram within a decade, and achieving net 0 carbon emissions by 2050. He also highlighted the various aviation companies, such as American Airlines and Airbus, that are investing in hydrogen-powered aircraft technology.

The webinar is available on HYSKY's YouTube channel.

The HYSKY Society is excited to announce that the next HYSKY Monthly webinar will be held on February 21st, and will feature Dr. Stefan Mändl, CEO & founder of SilentWings, a company making a hydrogen fuel cell powered drone. Registration is now open on HYSKY's website. For more information, please visit or contact Drea Hickman at

About HYSKY Society

The HYSKY Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the research, development, and commercialization of hydrogen technology. Founded in 2022, HYSKY is committed to educating the public about the benefits of hydrogen and facilitating collaboration between industry, government, and academic institutions.

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Danielle McLean
Danielle McLean
Jan 18, 2023

Really great article, Drea, thanks!

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