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Flying Robots Powered by Hydrogen

Updated: Apr 4

by Danielle McLean, CEO, HYSKY Society

flying robot ai chatgpt hydrogen-powered hydrogen drone
Bentzion Levinson, CEO of Heven Drones, developing Fying Robots

Hydrogen-Powered Flying Robots Webinar

HYSKY is thrilled to announce Bentzion Levinson, the CEO of Heven Drones, who is developing hydrogen-powered flying robots, as HYSKY Monthly's January 15, 2024 speaker. Register for free

Under Levinson's leadership, Heven Drones is transforming our skies with drones that embody both sustainable aviation and AI. These drones seem to be the embodiment of Generative AI in action – versatile, efficient, and potentially, a step towards something more... intuitively intelligent. It makes me think about the future intersections of AI in Healthcare, where such drones could swiftly deliver organs, or in AI in Education, bringing a new dimension to learning.

The H2D55: A Leap into the Future of AI

The H2D55, Heven Drones’ hydrogen-fuel masterpiece, is a marvel not just for its aerodynamic design but for its role in the narrative of Sustainable AI. This drone, with its extended flight time and rapid refueling capability, symbolizes a shift towards a more harmonious relationship between technology and our environment.

As we prepare for Bentzion Levinson's presentation, let's think about the technology and the stories it can create, the problems it can solve, and how it aligns with our mission at HYSKY Society to advance hydrogen aviation. These flying robots are more than machines; they are the harbingers of a new era.

Register for the webinar HERE and join us in this exciting exploration of technology and its potential.

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