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Implement ChatGPT into Your Business

What We Do

  • Free consultation to assess if and how ChatGPT can help your business:
    • Make more money​
    • Save time
  • Create a custom workshop for your team
  • Schedule the workshop
  • Host the workshop via Zoom

We are in the people business. We take the time to learn about your unique needs and give you easy-to-follow training that meets you and your team at their level. Money back guaranteed. 

We would LOVE to meet you and chat about how we can help you in the rapidly changing world. You have nothing to lose by scheduling a consultation. 

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Fantastic GenAI (ChatGPT) class taught this afternoon by Danielle McLean; more classes in the pipeline!!

Shola Oyewole

The course made ChatGPT plugins super accessible. Not intimidating at all. Can't wait for the next one.

Drea Hickman

Very informative and easy to follow!


I recommend it to all interested in keeping up with the volume of reading required these days and for having an assistant by your side!

Phil Hodge

I thought this course was amazing! I was able to get better grasp on the abilities that GPT can do. Thank you for this work shop.

Matt McLean

This was an excellent way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for setting it up.

Peter Connors

Great class!!!!! See you at the next one!

Roxana Bekemohammadi

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